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How it works

Each month there will be a new, different competition! For each competition there will be around 10-35 questions, randomly chosen from a question bank that is prepared specially for that week’s competition! Time limit is around 4-5 seconds per question! There is an entry limit of 3 for each competition!

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    Answer questions from various topics! Top 3 fastest competitors to answer most questions correctly are rewarded!

  • Win big cash prizes!

    Top 3 players are rewarded. Cash prize is limited to $30.000 for first place, $18.000 for second and $12.000 for third places!


  • What is BrainPriz?

    BrainPriz is a newly launched prize competition website, where players answer number of fun, interesting questions in order to win cash prizes. Each competition will be a month long and will take place every month. There will be 3 guaranteed winners in every competition.

  • How do I enter the competition?

    Simply create an account, click play and answer the randomly chosen questions. In each competition you will have 3 chances to play.

  • How are the winners decided?

    Players with most correct answers will be rewarded. If there are a number of players with the same maximum result, players with fastest time and least number of mistakes will have the advantage.

  • How much is it to enter?

    It costs $2 per entry.

  • What kind of questions will be asked in each competition?

    There will be various topics in each BrainPriz competition. For instance: cars, music, cinema, sports, celebrities, geography, biology, countries, capitals, etc.

  • What happens if more than one player has the same maximum result, same amount of time used and same number of mistakes?

    In that case all the players with same maximum results will share the prize pool equally.

  • When does the BrainPriz competition finish and when are the winners announced?

    There is a BrainPriz competition every month. January to December, 12 months a year. Competition finishes at the end of each month and winners will be announced during the first week of the upcoming month.

  • How do you determine prizes of top 3 players?

    Each entry costs $2 and 50% of the entry cost will go into the prize pool. Prize pool will be divided among top 3 players. First place: 50% Second place: 30% Third place: 20% For instance: If there are 5000 entries, the total money collected will be $10.000. $5000 will go into the prize pool. First place will get $2500, second and third places will get $1500and $1000 accordingly.

  • How do I get in touch?

    We would love to help. Feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will get straight back to you.

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